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Canceled Petersen’s red card

The appeal of Freiburg’s striker Niels Petersen against the red card he received last weekend was honored and he will be able to play at the weekend against Wolfsburg.

The Court of Arbitration of the German Football Union today canceled the cards of the match with Schalke 04 at a meeting because it was not aware of the resulting card and a little later it made a new foul, again for yellow. And it turns automatically into red.

“The first yellow card is shown so that it is unclear which player is actually sanctioned.” The card was shown to the player when he was in the back of the situation and was not informed of his first penalty, “explained Ahim Shpet of the AFP arbitration. “This secretive display can not be the basis for a red card,” says the lawyer.

Immediately after the end of the match, Nils Petersen announced he would appeal the punishment because he felt dejected.
The AFA must also rule on the removal of Freiburg coach Cristian Streich. It came precisely because of his protest against the expulsion of Petersen.