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Did not kill a footballer at Empoli with a stone

Not only football matches in the Balkans can see ugly scenes after a match in which the main faces are fans, footballers and presidents.

We often like to say that this can only happen in Bulgaria, but here is a similar case, played in Italy, and more specifically in the Fiorentina and Empoli adolescent formations that took part in the Viareggio Cup tournament.

“La Viola” won the match by 3: 2, but that is not the foreground. After the meeting, a group of 40 Florentine supporters came into play with the visiting team’s footballers, the biggest sufferer of which was right-wing defender Alesio Djanesky.

The young man was hit with a large stone on his face, leaving a huge wound beneath his right cheekbones.

Hours after the situation, the Disciplinary Commission in Italy announced that a fine of 3,000 euros would be imposed on Fiorentina. During the fight, fans of La Viole also threw glass bottles to the emblem of the Empoli, but it was not a miracle until an incident occurred.