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Hoffe’s young coach questioned the secrets of Hainkes

Hoffenheim’s well-trained coach Julian Nagelsman wants to know more about the secrets of Jop Heinkes and has therefore questioned Niklas Züule for details of the training and communication of the experienced specialist with the Bayern Munich players. Until last season, Zule was playing for the Sinsheim team, and is already on the Allianz Arena.

Heinchess, however, does not bother and even protests for the 30-year-old Nagelsman. “I do not think Julian wanted to steal something. As a young coach, I watched others and learned from them. I suppose he feels desperate to learn something new and to use it. At his age, I still scored 20-30 goals per season, and he is now a second year in the Bundesliga profession and his team has a very nice face. When Nagelsman took Hoffe, they were falling out. His work with adolescents certainly helped him before, “said Hainkes.

Earlier in the season, Bayern lost his visit to Hoffenheim, and tomorrow the Bavarian defeat meeting will be held. For her, the hosts will be without midfielder Havi Martinez and defender Mats Hummels. The Spaniard has not yet recovered from the trauma, while Hummel continues to heal after a viral illness.

When in the autumn the Bavarians retreated to Sinsheim, they were led by Carlo Ancelotti. However, after the Italian was released and Heynkes was appointed to his place, Bayern won 33 points and led 16 against Bayer (Leverkusen) and 20 in front of Hoffenheim.