Professional Betting Services

Betswizard is a fully professional betting company and one of the best resources in the sport betting business nowadays! Our main purpose is to work with real professional bettors/people who appreciate our hard work and see the great value in our consultant services, and together to achieve steady profit in a long term base.

We have group of professional betting tipsters in our company, and they wok seriously every single day trying to bring you the best predictions daily. We offer 2 or 3 single soccer bets every day according to the betting card. Odds are between 1.70 and 2.20 and the idea is the percentage of success to be bigger, and if you follow our predictions every day and use our pofessional advices about bank management of the bets then we can really guarantee you secure long term profit!

What To Do When Tip Is Losing

As we explained above in the text – our purpose is profit in a long term not in a single day ! For that purpose if you buy tips for 2 days and we hit 2 consecutive loses the net day will be absolutely free for you. Also we strongly recommend to bet on a single bet only our predictions and it is very important after loss just to increase stake of your bet or double bet and when we hit the won to cver loses and make clear profit immediately ! Success to all our customers !