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Jurgen Klop turned to the defenders

The record-breaking Virginie van Dijk is already in Liverpool, and now some of the other central defenders will have to sit on the bench. By leveraging possible tensions, manager Jurgen Klop asked the defenders to take a responsible approach and welcome the Dutchman, who would be paid 75 million pounds.

“This is part of the professional football,” said the marshalling coach. – Both for the team and for the individual players it is good to have a similar challenge. If we want to fight the best rivals, it’s not all 11 in the team to be first friends every day. You can not start the season with only two central defenders and hope nothing happens. You need a third, and if you have a fourth – even better. No player needs nor is able to make the entire season and we must be able to react when someone is injured or just not at the top level. ”

The other major players in Van Dijk’s position are Deyan Lovren, Ragnar Clown, and Joel Mattype. The last one is failing at Leicester’s goal on Saturday night at Anfield.

“I do not think the boys are disturbed by Van Dyke’s appearance. They have no reason to be. I’m really pleased with their development, but we have to fight the biggest, “said Clap after the 2-1 win.