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Leipzig did not bend against Zenith and did not stop writing history

The phenomenal performance of the RB (Leipzig) in the club’s debut season in European tournaments took the club to the 1/4 European League finals. This was a fact when the German team withdrew 1: 1 on their visit to Zenith and after 2: 1 a final winner came out 3: 2 a week ago.

Jean-Kevin Ouguston hit the precious goal of the Wimbledon after 22 minutes, and Sebastian Drewsey at the end of the half-time. In the second half of the season, he was attacked in front of both doors, and in the 82nd minute Timo Werner missed a penalty for Leipzig.

As in the first Red Bull Arena meeting, the Bundesliga representative now had the better positions. The hosts also struck a beam, but their pressure was rather strenuous. Meanwhile, Leipzig players showed speed in the attack, but they never managed to secure a second goal.

Werner had to do so in the 82nd minute when he won a penalty, but the German national lost the argument with goalkeeper Andrey Lunev.

In the final seconds, Werner demonstrated an enviable sprint and brought Bruno out, but he was not right in the best of situations.

In the end, the Germans’ failures were not fatal, because the selection of Roberto Mancini failed to put the clash in extra time.