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The Liverpool Captain: We’re doing the hard way

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson praised his teammates for the second semi-final of the Champions League against Rome in Rome. “Merseyside” retreated by 2: 4, but with a total score of 7: 6 they continue in the final, where they will argue for the rehearsal with Reial Madrid.

“We seem to have been determined to do things in the difficult way, and I think we’ve had a good deal of play on the pitch for almost the whole game, except for the last 10 minutes, and we should not have allowed such development and pressure at the end, but ultimately, that we are in the finals and I’m happy with that, “said Henderson.

By the end of the season for Liverpool there are three matches in all tournaments. The Reds have matches with Chelsea and Brighton in the Premier League, as well as a final in the Champions League with Real Madrid. Inside the Championship, Merseyside are heading for the Top 4.