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Xavi: Messi is Real Madrid’s “black cat.”

Legend Xavi Hernandez analyzes the upcoming collision between Barcelona and Real Madrid in an interview with Mundo Deportivo. “Messi has been the black cat of Real Madrid in the last 10-15 years. Real suffers a lot. Each team suffers from it, but especially from Madrid. Bernabeu has a lot of respect for Leo, because he has made a difference in many games in recent years, has scored a lot and is able to do everything, “confessed the Catalan midfielder after 38 years. “I think Barca will dominate the game. (…) The result is important. It is clear that the game of the team can be improved, but in general Barca is in good shape, “said the former conductor of the” blue-red “orchestra.

Asked if Cristiano Ronaldo was the best in history, Cavi replied: “Well, that’s Cristiano. His character has helped steal “Golden Balls” under Messi’s nose. I am one of the people who believe in a more team-based game, Barca’s philosophy, and those who believe that Messi is the best in history. Certainly, however, Cristiano has great merits, he has achieved a lot. He believes he is the best in history, and that is his character that helps him. He is the winner. ”

Chave spoke about the separation with Neamar, confessing he had understood the intentions of the Brazilian at the wedding of Messi in June. “Yes, we got there. He told us he decided to leave, it surprised us a lot, but as in the case of Mascherano, the personal choice must be respected. Neimar brought a lot of money to the club, which allowed Dembele to be drawn. Barca loses from a soccer point of view with the departure of Neamar. To some extent, however, she won, as Alba can see. Barca is over all the players, “said the midfielder who is at the end of his football career.