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A convincing victory gripped Chelsea for Manchester United

Chelsea’s team quickly returned to the winning streak in the Premier League. Tonight, the Londoners played with a convincing 3: 1 Huddersfield in their mid-17th round match and scored points in the second Manchester United tie, but with a smaller game. Thieme Bakayoko opened the score in the 23rd minute and Villian doubled in the 43rd. Pedro Rodriguez was the third shot to score in the 50th minute of the match. For the hosts, the honor goal was played by Laurent Depot in the 93rd minute.

Huddersfield bet in this match of Steve Muni in an attack, and on the wings were Thomas Ins and Elias Kachunga.

For Chelsea, manager Antonio Conte had decided to set up a no-show central striker, with Eden Azar acting as a fake ninety. The Belgian was supported by Perdo Rodriguez and Villian in front.

Chelsea could find the result as early as the 6th minute when Pedro sent the ball to the opponent’s goal but the shot was canceled due to an ambush.

In the 23rd minute, the guests still took the lead. Goalkeeper Leesle slipped in an attempt to kick the ball, fell into a Chelsea player, followed by a lightning strike with a touch, Villian brought Thieme Bacayoko to the penalty area and he scored 0-1.

In the 37th minute, N’Goolo Canté made an inaccurate stroke toward Huddersfield’s door. Three years later, Baccayo did not manage to score a good position with a head after a free kick.

In the 43rd minute the result was doubled in favor of Londoners. Marcos Alonso was able to draw the ball in the volley of the net to score for Vilian as he charged up on the left, but his hooked ball went just a bit too high.

In the 45th minute goalkeeper Loessel saved a certain third goal in his goal. His teammates were mistaken in defeating the ball, and Pedro was put in a shooting position, with only the brilliant Danish intervention interfering with the classic score for the guests.

At the beginning of the second half, the Londoners seemed to have finally killed the intrigue with a third goal. He has evolved in the likeness of the second, with Alonso again centered on Villian in the poll, but this time the Brazilian did not make a hit, but back to the uncovered Pedro, who with a loud jerk made the score classic.

In the 59th minute, Chelsea set off another good attack, ending with a heavy blow to Victor Moses, but by the door. A minute later Azar glanced at the goalie and tried to push the ball through his legs, but Lossel did not allow it to happen.

One of the few things about Huddersfield came in the 61st minute when Tom Ins came out in the box but did not manage to overcome Tibor Courtoa. A minute later, Zanka made a pretty good shot from a distance that passed over the door.

Chelsea, however, kept having fun, and in the 68th minute Pedro was put in a great position in the ball as his shot went off the door.

In the last minute of the game the hosts could reach a goal. Williams made a distant blow that ricocheted in his teammate and passed near the beam but still out. A minute later, Tibor Courtoa had to make a great rescue after a new hit by Williams. In the added time, Huddersfield still grew his fans with a shot at the door of the Londoners. Floran Haderigoya is centered on Depoatter, who put his ball into the net for the final 1: 3.

That’s how Chelsea gathered an asset of 35 points and is in third place in the rankings with equal points with the second Man United. Huddersfield remains at 12th place with 18 points earned so far.