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Arsenal and Milan have old settlement bills

Undoubtedly the lead of the 1/8-finals of the Europa League this year will be the meeting between Milan and Arsenal. This was announced earlier today at the Nyon draw, which was withdrawn by former French national and Barcelona player Eric Abidal. A meeting that opposes Italians and Englishmen guarantees a real show.

So far, both teams have met six times, with the result of collisions between them completely flat. Rosoner and Artillery have doubled, and in two cases they have completed a zero draw.

Two of their meetings were for the UEFA Super Cup, in which Milan emerged as the winner. The Italian Grand Final ends 0: 0 with the English team of Highbury, and in the defeat of Giuseppe Meazza is 2: 0 after the hits of Zvonimir Boban and Daniele Masaro.

The other four matches between the two teams are from the elimination phase of the Champions League. In all four cases, it is about the 1/8-finals of the most commercial European football tournament. In the 2007/08 season, Arsenal managed to eliminate its eminent opponent after a zero draw in England and a 2-0 victory over Italian land.

The culmination of the battles between Milan and Arsenal is during the 2011/12 season when the “gunners” barely make one of the biggest turmoil in the history of the tournament. In the first game in Milan, the Rosoners beat Arsene Wenger’s 4: 0 team, but in London they are losing 3-0, trembling to the last minute under the heavy pressure of the English.

We can now expect such a development, given the history of this rivalry.