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Clop: We should not allow such goals

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop was not too disappointed by Chelsea’s 0-1 loss. He praised his players for their efforts in this game. The only thing he did not like about the German was the goal that the team allowed him at that match.

“I do not think Chelsea looked much fresher than we are, it’s a tense season and it’s important to make the right decisions, of course, the fatigue of the match over the week is also getting worse, that’s normal. guys, “Gord” is the right word, because they really gave way to the end, the only thing I did not like, which even annoyed me, was the goal that we allowed, we can not afford such hits, it was so clear what would happen on the flank, feint, soft centering and there was Girush, we should avoid such situations. The deceased could not get to the flat. That would be quite different. From everything I am satisfied, “said Klopp.

With this victory, Chelsea moved to 2 points behind Tottenham and 3 behind Liverpool, hoping to push one of them to finish the top four.

“Chelsea must win its matches to the end, we play at home in the last game, Chelsea is coming to Newcastle, which is not going to be an easy clash, and what we wanted this morning was to win 3-0, take home and do not worry about meeting Brighton at all, but think about the Champions League final, or do I really believe it will happen? I’m not sure, but that’s the situation now I hope the guys show the character and I did the job in the last game I watched Brighton against Manchester United. The situation is tense, but I am pleased with the desire of my team, “the German added.