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Gatuzo demonstrated a great respect for Ludogorets and reminded of a historic turn

Milan Gutuzo, Milan’s coach, once again demonstrated a remarkable respect and respect for Ludogorets before the match-rematch of the 1/16-final of the Europa League. The Rosoneries have a 3-0 lead before their San Siro host, but the specialist does not want to be underestimated by his players. The former midfielder even reminded the historic Champions League final between Liverpool and Liverpool in 2005, when the Italians led with a 3-0 draw on the break and then lost the trophy after shooting. Gatuzo played in this game by announcing that the lead from the first match was quite undeserved given the sight of the Ludogorets Arena a week ago.

“This 3: 0 of the first match is lying if we analyze the meeting in Razgrad We did not play at high speed, the opponent always came before us to the ball The first half was lucky because we scored at the last moment Ludogoretz could also score us From the middle line up are a very good team who knows how to play football and to sit very well on the pitch – they are experiencing some more difficulties in the defense phase, which is why we have a great deal of respect for them. big mistake, I really think that, like a football my list was 3: 0, and then you know what happened. (BA: Champions League final in 2005 between Milan – Liverpool 3: 3 when the English won in penalty after three goals goal at half time in Istanbul) Tomorrow we have a lot to lose in this game, “Gatuzo said.

Press conference of Gennaro Gatuzo and David Calabria before the match with Ludogorets + 16
“I want to see the things we do during the week, and I read today that the young Forte and Diaz will play, that’s not true, they will not even be in the group, there will be several players who will get a break because we are in We have to respect Ludogoretz and let go of experienced players, I do not mind the young players, but the opponent is good. we work tactfully for the game. My biggest concern is that we can we underestimate the match with Ludogorets It’s my job to convince the guys that it will not be easy Ludogorets has more than one quick footballer who can cause us problems We do not have to play with the fire can make it difficult for us to ” , said Gatuzo, who dreams his team to reach the Europa League finals, but is aware that Ludogorets must first remove the “Rosoner”, and his team is not among the main trophy candidates.

“We can not think of a lot We have to think about the match with Ludogorets at this stage We should hope to be lucky to score a team that is not the strongest or, but we think of this 1/16-finals game, the team thinks of a match for the match, and we are far from thinking about the Champions League position that is given to the winner of the Europa League, “continued the 2006 World Champion year.

“We have no financial problems, all pay is instantly paid, and Fasone and Mirabelle are doing nothing to miss the club.” We paid two months more for the contribution to Andre Silva in Porto, and the Portuguese even surprised themselves. we had problems we would not have paid earlier, to knock on a tree, let’s go on like that, “said Gatuso.