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Guardiola: Were we winning the derby, expecting not to celebrate?

Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola has categorically rejected the accusations that his players have overdue their Old Trafford celebrations after winning the United derby. The Spaniard himself admits he has encouraged his players to rejoice, but behind the dressing room door, with all due respect to the rival. Pep refused to reveal more details about the mall in the Old Trafford corridor.

“No, we definitely did not go too far in the celebrations, everyone was struggling to make that victory, and after the game we were celebrating with the fans, then we went back to the dressing room and we were happy to win, we won a derby. If we were to win, and they would celebrate We did it at the right time We were celebrating in Napoli because that’s got to be done But it gotta go inside the dressing room I’m the man , which encourages players to do so, but, of course, inside in the dressing room, with the necessary respect for the opponent We did what happened Then happened what happened I hope that such things will not happen I will not go into details nor will I comment We have already expressed our opinion to FA ” said Guardiola.