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Napoli has broken away and achieved a wonderful result … for Juve

The Sassuolo and Napoli teams finished 1-1 in the match of the 30th round of the A Series. So Paratopianes did not manage to climb temporarily to the top position in the standings and remain second, though only a point behind champion Juventus. “The old lady” later tonight receives AC Milan in the central match of the round and will win 78 points in the event. Napoli is 74. Sassuolo is 16th in the standings with 28 points.
Napoli went on to attack from the first referee’s signal and in the 5th minute Jose Caiechon sent the ball into the head of the home but the Spaniard was in an ambush and the shot was canceled.

Two minutes later, Lorenzo Insieire missed a golden chance for a goal. The small striker was brought into the criminal field of the “unverified” by Giorgino and fired from the air, but Andrea Concilly slapped her legs.

In the 22nd minute the home team surprised the players of Maurizio Sari. Federico Peluzo made a great head shot, the ball pulled off the crossbar and fell right into Matteo Politano’s leg, who with a merciless volley directed it into the net behind Jose Raine – 1: 0.

Napoli had a chance to equalize very quickly, but Insieire made a second big pass from the start of the game. In the 26th minute Inssierie was put in an excellent position in front of Consili on the left after a long pass, but shot inaccurately.
By the end of the first part Kaiehon made two misses, and in the 40th minute Inisnia for the third time since the beginning of the game wiped a great opportunity for a goal. After centering to the right, Inssiere was dropped once again by Sassuolo’s defense, but failed to overcome the brilliantly conscientious Concilly.

At the start of the second half he was hot at the Napoli door, but Politano and Domenico Berardi missed excellent 2-0 in the 50th minute. Two minutes later, Rogerio flopped dangerously from the left and fired, but Reynae screamed. In the 61st minute, Berardi missed another good chance for Sassuolo.

In the 68th minute, Napoli’s Arkadius Milik’s reserve grew well in the air after a corner kick but fired over the crossbar. In the 79th minute, Millik made another pass, firing in the air right in Concilly, but seconds later Napoli finally managed to draw the score.

In the 80th minute Kaayonn pressed Rogerio after centering to the left and the Brazilian scored a ridiculous own goal – 1: 1.

Just three minutes after the equalizer, Millik was very close to becoming a hero for “Partenopes”. The Polish striker tried an acrobatic blow with his back to the door and the ball landed on the crossbar but did not want to get to the door.
Napoli’s final assault did not work, and the Neapolitan lost valuable points in the title battle with Juventus, which seems closer to Seventh in a row Scudetto.