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PSG, Manchester City and Milan have spent the most in the summer

French Pari Saint-Germain, English Manchester City and Italian Milan are the three clubs who have spent the most money on transfers last summer. This shows a report by UEFA published today. All teams in Europe have spent a total of 5.6 billion euros, which is a new record. 80% of them have been paid by clubs from the top five leagues – Premier League, Primera Division, Series A, Bundesliga and League 1.

The club that has spent the most is Paris Money Saint-Germain, who has spilled 418 million euros for new players. The second position in this ranking is for Manchester City City with 249 million for transfers, and third is Italian Milan with its 235 million for new.

The largest amount of money has spilled out of England – 1.7 billion euros, while those from Italy have spent 867 million.

The team that has made the most of the transfers last summer is the French champion Monaco. The Monegas scored a net profit of 256 million euros, although the club spent 102 million euros on new players.

UEFA has also reviewed over 2000 transfers in the 2014-2017 period to check out the revenue of football agents. On average, they accrued 12.6% of the transfer amounts. More interesting, however, is that agents have received a larger percentage of smaller transfers, and in some cases it has also reached up to 20% for transfers under 1 million euros.