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Rooney: United will hardly catch up with City, even the next season

Former Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney thinks it will be very difficult for the Red Devils to quench the city’s rival Manchester City. According to him, they have no chances to do so by the end of this season, but he is worried that even the next year Jose Mourinho’s alumni will hardly be able to compete with the city’s rival.

“Will United be able to break its lag behind Manchester City? Certainly not this season. Even next year it will be very difficult, especially if City continues to play the same way. They are now approaching the Barcelona game four or five years ago. Maybe it will not sound good, but if someone does not like their style of play, then they just do not like real football. Their game is just great to watch. At times, they are perfectly perfect. I think Guardiola has set the right bases using his knowledge of staying in Barcelona. It is seen that they are on the right track, “said Rooney.

He also commented on the transfer of Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal to Manchester United.

“For me, he is a perfect addition to Manchester United. He has aggression, passion, desire. It is seen as a real winner. It was precisely such a player that he needed Old Trafford, “added the 32-year-old striker.