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Valdano’s analysis: The crisis has infected everything in Real Madrid

The 1986 world champion Jorge Valdano again did not spare criticism of his former Real Madrid club, which is not in good shape right now. In an interview with El Transistor, the Argentine analyzes the los blancosa state:

Free fall from summer: It’s hard to say what happened to the team this fall. Real, however, is already at a stage where the crisis seems to have infected everything.

This team does not look like yourself: The team’s game is centered around knowing the ball, and when it does not happen, it only makes it easier for the opponent. The composition is not very tactical, and I have the feeling that some of the players, especially the more energetic of them, are throwing too much in the attack, while others stand behind and do not help, losing balance. There are times when Reals want to crush a rival, but there are also when the team is too passive.

The reason is also fatigue: In the first half against Celta Real was physically high, but then something happened. It did not have the same energy. Each match shows that more and more players have this problem and this is already worrying.

Zidane has to correct his decisions: Zidane arrived to fix the team after Rafael Benitez, and now he has to do the same with himself. He faces the same task he was expecting when he came – to bring back the dynamics of the team’s game.

Players also have guilt: They can not escape responsibility because they are too big. The strange thing is that until recently it seemed that Real was at the beginning of a new cycle, and now it all collapsed.

Marcello’s weak play in attack: Marcelo has always been Marcelo. His habit of attacking the left wing is no problem. It is a problem now that it does not do so well. In other words, Casemiro’s job is to cover his area.

The team has no right to surrender to the title battle: Real can not give up its title defense right now. In their last games, however, the team is showing great anxiety – the players are nervous. Each of them wants to score a goal alone, and it is up to them to perform their duties as a team.

Zidane contradicts the club: If goalkeeper Kepa has indeed passed medical examinations in Real and the coach claims he does not want a new guard, then I do not know what’s going on.