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Wenger also complained about the busy schedule

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger complained about the busy schedule for his team on holiday days. “Gunners” played with West Bromwich on Sunday, and only three days later they are going to be a derby against Chelsea. The Frenchman is unhappy that the “blue” have a day more rest.

“We may not have played well enough against West Bromwich, but you will appreciate it, but there are good reasons for it.” The rival had five days to prepare for this match, and only three of us, I’m ready to play every day, but only if our rivals have the same time to rebuild after Christmas, otherwise it is not normal, and the same problem applies to our Chelsea match, which they played on Saturday, and then the clash on Wednesday, so they have a day off, “Wenger said.

The French specialist was not the only one to express his dissatisfaction with his team’s program. And Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho also announced his disagreement with the Red Devils program.